Self Portrait as a Broken Promise.

Heritage Osofowora
1 min readApr 21, 2020

The boy is a half,

a part;

Frayed ends torn from the root,

He has no tether.

No origin.

The boy is a mosaic

every part different


He has no form.

The boy is broken pottery

Or rather cracked,

body parts leaking life.

The boy is a journey to find a whole.

The boy is but still a fraction

away from home,


A tether,

every sunrise an excuse to try again.

Every day a promise to find wholeness again.

The boy is tired;

Maybe day-break is not the start of a promise,

but a halving of hope the day before held.


The halving of a promise.

The boy equals fraction,

the boy equals day.

The boy is a frayed half torn from the root.

The boy is me.
The boy is you.